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    We would like to take this time to welcome you to our community of dedicated hunters and land managers.  Since 2008 Wildlife Management News Magazine has humbly stood amongst our readers with a common goal.  We are committed to bringing the public the most truthful and insightful information regarding land and wildlife management practices and products.  With that being said, we strongly encourage all our readers to get actively involved in the the procedures of wildlife management to enhance the connection between the hunter, the land, and the game.  In doing so we ask that they get involved in our magazine by submitting questions, photos, feedback and even articles.  Our mission is to get more individuals involved and proactively help our state game commissions manage herds with actual studies, research, and data collection.  We stand to represent our hunting community in an intensive manner with an active voice.
    As hunters and fisherman we make up the greatest power behind wildlife conservation.  We contribute the largest portion of funding to all state conservation programs.  With nearly 1,000,000 million hunters and fisherman per state, we make up the largest workforce to get the job done.  We commend anyone involved on taking the next step, putting their boots to the ground, and actively participating in wildlife management.  We here at Wildlife Management News are committed to keeping you informed on making the right decisions and following the best practices to improve your habitat and wildlife for generations to follow and to protect the heritage of hunting and fishing for years to come.  
    As outdoor enthusiasts and hunters, we believe strongly in the way of the land.  The mechanism that compels us to the great outdoors and the game that thrives on it is in our hearts and souls.  It cannot be described and can never be replaced.  We live and breathe to do what we do, to carry on the heritage and traditions of those in the past and to pass on our insights to the next generation.  To pay homage to what the Lord has given us.  Nature has a way of teaching us all.  It cannot be tamed and it cannot be controlled, we can only live within it.  Wildlife management is a passion of ours and yours, and we hope to continue to bring you to that peaceful place with each edition of Wildlife Management News.


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