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Dr. Deer's Shout-out to Wildlife Management News

The 10th Annual Dr. Deer's Whitetail World Field Day (March 14th at the Research Facility near Nacogdoches, TX) was huge success, with the attendance limit of 50 being reached far in advance of the activity. Attendees were treated to a host of hands-on presentations, ranging from cool and warm season food plots, to use of herbicides to improve whitetail habitat. In addition, the Dr. Deer Approved and Dr. Deer Preferred product and service providers were in attendance to present the latest technologies in deer management and hunting. These included Boss Buck Feeders, Buck Forage Oats, Trophy Totes, Sendero Seed Co., South Texas Tripods, TenderBuck, Gunnyart Products (T-Post Camera Mounts), An


TIME TO RECONDITION YOUR BUCKS By Dr. James C. Kroll For almost four decades I have conducted research and testing on both warm and cool season plantings for whitetails. A considerable amount of this work has focused on cereal grains, most notably Buck Forage Oats. Education about oats and other plants takes up a significant amount of my time; and, there is nothing that “gets me more riled up” than someone telling me “Oh, an oat is an oat!” I usually launch into a tirade about the difference between a spring oat and a winter oak; particularly that winter oats have been developed primarily for grazing during the cool season and spring oats are basically a grain producer grown during the sprin

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