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Playing Predator

I got to be a “Predator” for one night last month and it was really cool. For those who don’t remember, Predator was a 1987 movie (and series of forgettable remakes) in which an alien creature hunted down various supporting actors for sport and killed them in gruesome fashion until Arnold Schwarzenegger saves the day. Among other assets, the Predator had thermal vision that allowed him to stalk the various players until the final battle wherein Arnold serves up a crushing defeat. It was one of the first times that the general public saw the advantages of thermal imaging. Fast-forward to our tree platform above the rolling sandhill prairie of a northern Indiana farm where I got to be a real-l

Technology On the Hunt

FLIR BosonTM Thermal Core is the power behind the remarkable performance of FLIR’s latest generation of thermal handheld imagers and scopes for hunters Manufacturers of hunting gear are constantly releasing new products, often marketed with references to new technologies that will outperform everything else in their category. Sometimes these marketing claims are true. Other times, they fail to deliver on the hype. As a series, Technology On the Hunt highlights unique new technologies that offer real benefits for hunters in the field. Thermal Applications for Hunters Hunters and outdoors enthusiasts have been seeing and hearing a lot about thermal-imaging monoculars and weapon sights lately –

20 Pre-Season Turkey Tips

Wild turkeys are almost as fickle as the springtime weather we experience while hunting them. These and other factors often combine to limit opportunities for turkey-hunting success to just a few hours of hunting per season. Solid preparation is imperative. Serious turkey hunters are prepared to deal with any situation and leave nothing to chance. Turkey hunting is a fairly simple affair from a gear standpoint, but there are still plenty of things to consider prior to the season. Don’t wait until the day before the season begins to get organized. Here are 20 tips to help ensure you’re prepared for opening day. ONE. Inspect and try on clothing and footwear. It may be time to replace a faded p

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