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"The Perfect Storm" 2015 Hunting Season Explained

Well, another hunting season has come and gone, and it was yet another disappointing year for many hunters. The Dr. Deer website and Face Book page has been humming with questions about the cause(s), so I decided to devote this issue to answer this question. The unfortunate thing was I predicted this would happen back in the summer, 2015; and, unfortunately, my prediction came true. It amounts to a “perfect storm,” merging unique environmental factors with unsettling declines in deer harvest and numbers in the 21st Century. Deer Decline Back in the 1980s, I became the lone voice in the wilderness, when I warned about the future of deer populations. Later, Dr. Harry Jacobson and I were invite

Becoming a Complete Whitetail Deer Manager

With the advent of QDM being introduced to the hunters of Pennsylvania in the early 2000’s, we were about to change the way we manage our deer herd, our land and ourselves. For too long did the landscape and herd endure such calamity with mis-management, allowing for a multitude of negative consequences to occur: 1) improper buck to doe ratio, 2) poor forest regeneration due to high carrying capacities, 3) malnourished deer, 4) smaller bucks, 5) an extended rut that would put additional stress on these bucks, resulting in late born fawns and so forth. Within the last 15 years, due to various changes and a different mindset, the hunting experience and other attributes have improved dramatical

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